Two premium strollers in comparison: How do Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe differ?

  • Ergobaby
  • Mar 20, 2023

Have you heard about our new Metro+ edition already?  The Metro+ Deluxe? At first glance, you might think that the new version of our Metro+ stroller is just a different colour combination or a slightly adapted design. But: surprise, surprise – there is much more than that behind it! Of course, both compact strollers are certified by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) and are therefore back-friendly and comfortable for both pushers and children and are newborn ready! But here we want to show you the differences between the two premium strollers.

Which stroller is the right one to choose? The most important differences at a glance 

#1 most padded seat*, big comfort in a small package to easily fit in most airplane overhead bins and an adjustable handlebar and leg rest provide some of the advantages of both our strollers.  You can see it’s immediately clear that you’re on the right track when choosing either the Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe stroller. To make things easier we have compared the similarities and differences for you:

Metro+ vs. Metro+ Deluxe: The most important differences in detail

  1. Deluxe materials: Premium quality fabrics were selected for durability and a luxurious appeal. From the woven-textured sunshade fabric, to the soft and plush seat, or the vegan leather support bar and handlebar.  Every inch of fabric was selected with you and baby in mind.
    • Larger storage basket: The expandable storage basket of the Deluxe holds 22 % more than that of the Metro+ and has the ability for open or closed storage.

    3. Support bar included: While you have to buy the support bar separately as an accessory for the Metro+, the practical safety bar with a vegan leather cover is included in the Deluxe providing little ones with something secure to hold onto while strolling.

    4. Cup holder: A practical cup holder is included (also compatible with Metro+) so that your coffee or water bottle is always within reach for you.  Or attach it where you need it so little one can sip away on their water when they need too.

    To make your decision even easier, it is also important to know – the carry bag and cosy footmuff (accessories available separately) fit both versions of the Metro+ stroller. And of course, both premium strollers are also compatible with the BeSafe infant carrier.

    *Thickness measured among premium, compact strollers by independent lab.