Breathable baby carrier made of mesh or cotton? You decide!

  • Ergobaby
  • Apr 13, 2023

You might ask does the type of carrier fabric matter? Well yes it does.  You’ve probably already noticed that when browsing our baby carrier range, there are different styles/designs, colours, positions and age restrictions. But there is one point in particular that divides many opinions: the question of material.  Our babywearing advisors are often asked whether a breathable baby carrier or a soft baby carrier made of cotton is better?  Quite honestly it is difficult for us to answer this question. Both materials have their objective advantages and in the end it is the preferences, tastes, attitudes and lifestyle of parents that decide. That’s why it’s so important to find the right carrier for you and your family. In this blog we will give you a little help in deciding!

Cotton baby carrier or mesh baby carrier? Let’s review a little experiment

As already mentioned, in addition to personal taste, lifestyle is a decisive factor in choosing the right baby carrier for your individual needs.  To find out for sure whether mesh baby carriers with breathable fabrics actually help to keep baby cooler, a babywearing advisor in Croatia conducted a small test. At 25 degrees Celsius, she first wore the Ergobaby carrier made of cotton and then one made of mesh for 10 minutes each. After about half a minute and at the end of the test, she had a photo taken with a thermal imaging camera. During the test, her baby wore a cloth nappy and a cotton vest. She herself was wearing a cotton T-shirt.

The results of her experiment amazed her Croatian colleagues: while the temperatures in the cotton carrier rose from 25.3 to 33.2 degrees in the area of the back within 10 minutes, the one made of mesh changed almost nothing in the same period. There was only a 0.1 degree difference from 27.7 to 27.8 degrees. Only in the lower area, where the mesh material ends, was there an increase of 1 degree. This is of course a strong argument for anyone who lives in warmer climes or wants to spend a lot of time there with their child.

Cotton Carrier

Mesh Carrier

Cotton or mesh? Cuddly soft or breathable?  

But has this experiment now shown that mesh is fundamentally better? Not at all. Because our wonderful cotton carriers like the Omni Dream, with its extra-soft SoftTouch cotton, meet the need for natural materials that are particularly pleasant when in contact with baby’s skin. The cuddly soft cotton carrier is designed for snuggles while offering comfort and ergonomic support in all the right places and is ideal for all those who generally prefer wooden toys and clothes made of silk, cotton or merino wool instead of artificial materials.

Because – as breathable and soft as our mesh fabrics like the Omni Breeze are – mesh is made of polyester. But if you’re worried that you won’t be able to spend the summer with your baby in a cotton carrier, don’t be: With a baby, you should avoid direct sunlight and heat anyway, and as parents you naturally function like an air conditioner. So if it’s very warm, your body’s own cooling function will kick in to protect your baby from overheating. Of course, it’s also important to wear the right clothes and much more in the summer. As you can see, there is a lot to think about but we have made it easy and you can search for our top tips for summer babywearing on our blog.

So…..which is the best baby carrier – for us?

To help you decide, here are the most important facts about each baby carrier at a glance:

A breathable baby carrier like the Omni Breeze, which is made of 90 percent mesh, is right for you if you:

– travel a lot with your baby – even in warmer climates or even live there.

– are very active with your baby in everyday life. The air-permeable material prevents you from sweating with your child in front of your chest.

– you are a “warm type” and get too warm quickly. Because heat builds up quickly due to close body contact. If you want to avoid unpleasant sweat stains on your T-shirt, the Omni Breeze with its large, diamond-shaped mesh structure made of SoftFlex™ mesh material can offer you the ventilation you need to always arrive fresh at your destination.

– Enjoy innovative materials and a lightweight and breathable wear.

An ultra-soft, flexible cotton carrier like the Omni Dream is just right for you if you:

– prefer natural materials like cotton, silk, merino wool, wooden toys and maybe even cloth nappies.

– want it to be cuddly-soft and gentle on baby’s skin and love the feel of velvety-soft cotton yourself.

– sweat less easily in everyday life.

– you remain mainly in moderate climates.

– you use the carrier mainly at home or only briefly in between to calm baby down

Always remember: a breathable mesh carrier is great and very useful. But not so long ago, they didn’t even exist and all parents got through everyday life and summer just fine with cotton carriers. So it’s best to listen to your gut feeling or even better try out the two alternatives in your local independent stores. You can take a look at our new designs, the Omni Breeze Natural Beige and the Omni Dream Natural Dots, in our online shop. We can’t wait to see whether you choose a cuddly soft cotton carrier or a breathable baby carrier…