Aura baby wrap vs Embrace newborn baby carrier

  • Ergobaby
  • May 25, 2023

Baby wrap or newborn baby carrier? How to find the right baby carrier from birth onwards

You can hardly wait to finally hold your baby in your arms and carry them on your body as often as possible. That’s great news because babywearing has many advantages. Baby wraps and carriers are good for your baby’s development, promotes your milk flow and makes breast/chest feeding easier if that’s how you choose to feed them.

If you want as much cuddly closeness with your baby in the fourth trimester, a wrap or an ergonomic newborn carrier may be ideal for you. Both are specially designed for the needs of newborn babies in the first months of life and leave as little fabric as possible between you and your child.

But how do they differ? And which baby carrier is the right one for you?

Aura baby wrap – Snug as a second skin 

Stretchy wraps like our Aura are very popular because they are incredibly soft and don’t take up much space when you’re out and about. The wrap is so snug, it fits your body perfectly and therefore fits all body shapes. That’s why there is only one fabric length for EVERY body.

It is so comfortable that you can wear it all day and just put your baby in it as needed. However, there is also the prejudice that tying wraps can be complicated.

It’s true that tying a wrap takes a bit of practice, but once you’ve tied it a few times it works like a dream. Top tip: practice in front of the mirror so you can see what you’re doing.

See how easy it is to tie the Aura wrap here:

The Aura wrap is made from special material made of acacia and eucalyptus fibres making it soft, breathable, supportive, and stretchy. Unlike a traditional wrap, it can be pre-tied to save you time and make it easy to just lift baby in and out as you need to. It also has a centre marker and contrasting stitching to show you where to go when tying. It couldn’t be easier!

When you are not using the Aura wrap, roll it up and pop it in the integrated bag with carrying loop or store it in your change bag.

If you still aren’t sure about tying a wrap or if the 3-layer wrap is too warm for you and your little one, our Ergobaby Embrace newborn carrier is the perfect choice.

Shop our Aura wrap here.

Embrace newborn baby carrier – The simple way to be connected from the start

If you prefer the ease and structure of a baby carrier, the Ergobaby Embrace is the one for you. The Embrace newborn carrier combines the softness and stretchiness of a baby wrap with the ease of use and comfort of a baby carrier.

We may be biased, but the Embrace is one of our favourites. This cuddly “hybrid” carrier fits different body sizes, is easy to put on and take off thanks to the clever design and practical buckles and is almost as compact as a wrap – so you can take it with you anywhere. Whether you choose the soft and snug knit fabric or cool soft air mesh, the open sides allow plenty of air to circulate while your baby is gently snuggled in and supported by the material; a big advantage all year round as babywearing can be a sweaty affair!

As well as being available in two different fabric variations (mesh and jersey) the Embrace baby carrier also comes in a variety of colours.

Take a look at how easy it is to put the Embrace carrier on here:

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Stretchy wrap vs. newborn baby carrier: all the facts in one comparison chart

 Ergobaby Aura wrap   Ergobaby Embrace newborn carrier
StyleStretchy baby wrapNewborn baby carrier
Material100 % viscose made from natural fibresLightweight jersey or mesh
Age suitability approx. 0-9 months0-9 months
Weight rangefrom approx. 3.6 kg to approx. 11.3 kgFrom approx. 3.2 kg to approx. 11.3 kg
How to put it onSimple, 3-layer wrapping technique with helpful markings on the wrapComfortable baby carrier with waist belt and cross-over, fanning shoulder straps and buckles

From the age of around 6 months, depending on your baby’s size and how you use your carrier you may need a little more support for your back and flexibility through more carrying positions for your growing child.

Then when your child reaches 11.3 kg, you should change your stretchy wrap or newborn baby carrier to an ergonomic baby carrier – our Omni and Adapt models will safely hold little ones up to 20kg or our soft and stretchy Aerloom will last you to 15.9kg.

If your growing baby is ready to switch to one of our Omni, Adapt or Aerloom baby carriers, these offer up to four ergonomic carrying positions, a comfortable lumbar support and high-quality padded shoulder straps to support the additional weight of your child making them a great option to last you through toddlerhood and beyond!