Our NEW Ergobaby AWAY Baby Carrier.

  • Ergobaby
  • Sep 28, 2023
compact travel carrier

A just-in-case carrier for those last-minute quick trips to the supermarket or a walk in the park, or when those little legs get tired, you never know when little one will need to be carried. The NEW Ergobaby AWAY baby carrier is the perfect back up plan for parents, grandparents, and caregivers on the go.

As our most compact carrier, with multiple ways to store compactly, so parents always have a baby carrier on hand without compromising on space. It is ideal as a second carrier for on-the-go or for those quick moments when needed.  Designed for children from 4 months to approx.3 years and weighs just 609g and when stored in its zippered pouch it’s a teeny 27 x 15 x 10cm!

Ultralight and compact for on the go – the Ergobaby AWAY is the perfect second carrier.

The Ergobaby AWAY baby carrier is not designed for long walks or hikes but is a “necessity carrier.” Ideal for your change bag or pushchair storage basket, it takes up little space and quickly gives you the helping hand you need in everyday situations with your child. Like every Ergobaby carrier, the Ergobaby AWAY is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “Hip Healthy” product and has been awarded a Seal of Approval by the AGR of Germany as back healthy for babies and parents.

Compact design for on the go: The Ergobaby AWAY comes in a unique, compact, and practical storage bag (dimensions: 27 x 15 x 10 cm) with zip and hanging loop. This makes it easy to attach to your backpack or pushchair, and it also fits into any change bag or pushchair basket. You can also wear it around your waist as a bum bag or across your shoulder. What’s more, with a product weight of only 609g, it is particularly light.

Growing with your child: From about 4 months (5.4 kg) to approx. 3 years or 15.9 kg, the Ergobaby AWAY is a useful helper to carry your child quickly and comfortably and to handle challenging everyday situations. Please note: The Ergobaby AWAY is not suitable for newborns.

Minimalist: The Ergobaby AWAY has a classic and minimalist design, thanks to the thin and flexible material, adapts perfectly to fit every body. The shoulder straps hug the body comfortably and are perfect for short periods of carrying. The Erogbaby Away offers two carry positions: front inwards facing and a back carry (from approx. 6mo old, when baby has full head and neck control).

Easy to use: You don’t have to make many adjustments to the Ergobaby AWAY and can quickly strap it on when you are on the go. As the Ergobaby AWAY is primarily designed for small carrying situations, it is easy to put on and stow away. Simply take it out of the integrated pouch, position your child ergonomically in the carrier and close all straps securely. After use, simply fold the straps over each other, roll up the back part of the carrier and place the Ergobaby AWAY stored in its zippered pouch.

Safety and protection: Thanks to the reflectors on the front and back of the shoulder straps, you will be seen better in the dark. If the Ergobaby AWAY baby carrier is used spontaneously on an evening, you are well equipped. An integrated hood serves as protection in case your child falls asleep, or it rains. The hood also offers privacy if you are breast/chest feeding in the carrier in public.

High quality and durable: As with all our baby carriers, Ergobaby AWAY comes with our ErgoPromise guarantee covering 10 years on manufacturing and material defects. So, you can use the Ergobaby AWAY baby carrier for your second or third child.

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