Travelling with your Ergobaby AWAY carrier and Metro+ Stroller.

  • Ergobaby
  • Oct 11, 2023

Travelling with baby: Relaxed travel with the compact lightweights from Ergobaby.

Yay, you are about to get some (hopefully) sunshine during the autumnal months! With a new baby in tow there is so much more stuff to pack into your suitcase. It is a good idea to pack smart and save space somewhere. Whether on a staycation by car or travelling to your dream beach location by plane, we have the light and compact travelling travel companions for you and your baby.

Ergobaby AWAY and Metro+ stroller: The perfect duo for your holiday with baby

On a day trip, staycation, city break or on a plane – it’s always good to have a compact and lightweight stroller in which you can transport your baby safely and comfortably. Our Metro+ strollers are loaded with comfort features like ergonomic padding, adjustable handlebar, all in a package small enough to fit in most airplane overhead bins. Thanks to the ability to convert the seat of the buggy into a newborn nest in just a few easy steps, the compact pram is suitable for newborns. It also is available with a variety of accessories including car seat adapters, a cosy, showerproof footmuff, and carry bag which turns the stroller into a backpack to make travelling a breeze.

The perfect complement to the Metro+ is our ultra-light Ergobaby AWAY baby carrier. Find out below why you should have a compact baby carrier with you when you travel:

Travelling with baby: 5 reasons why the Ergobaby AWAY belongs in your travel luggage:

Compact and lightweight: No matter where you travel, thanks to its compact size (packing size 27 x 15 x 10 cm) and its light weight (609g), Ergobaby AWAY takes up hardly any space and can be carried not only in your change bag or buggy, but also as a bum bag or over your shoulder. It can even be attached to your suitcase or weekend bag using the loop on the storage bag.

Simple and easy to use: The Ergobaby AWAY can be strapped on in no time. It is super easy to adjust to the carrier so grandparents or other caregivers can enjoy babywearing too!

Practical: You’ll need your hands free for when you are out and about on the bus, plane or travelling on the underground and need to use the stairs at the train stations because you have to carry your luggage, shopping, or the buggy. The Ergobaby AWAY is your go to carrier for all those travelling situations. It’s your just in case carrier and can be put on in no time at all, so you can keep your baby close to you and still get everything else done.

Breast/chest feeding support: Is your baby thirsty when you’re out and about and you want to breast/chest feed in privacy? You can nurse in the Ergobaby AWAY carrier and comes with a privacy hood if you choose to use it.

Ideal for on-the-go naps: Is your baby tired and irritable in their pram because they need your closeness to fall asleep? Comfort your little one with the Ergobaby AWAY, once settled, you can continue to carry or place them into the Metro+ buggy for their nap time.

Travelling with baby – is minimalist travel your thing?

Our two light and compact travel essentials will help you on your minimalist holiday packing journey. The new Ergobaby AWAY has been certified by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Healthy Back Campaign). A just-in-case carrier for the last-minute trips, “this took longer than I thought” moments, tired little legs, and everything in between, the NEW Ergobaby Away is the perfect back up plan for parents and caregivers on the go.

The Metro+ or Metro+ Deluxe weighing 7.8 and 8.3kg respectively and folding with one hand to just 54 cm x 44 cm x 25 cm (making it cabin approved for almost all airlines), are small and lightweight enough to go anywhere and everywhere.

If you’re planning a trekking trip or a hike, neither the Metro+ nor the AWAY are ideal. In that case, you’d be better off with one of our breathable baby carriers, like the Omni Breeze. You won’t break a sweat, even on long trips, and your back is optimally supported thanks to thicker padding and lumbar support. After all, travelling with baby should be fun – with the right helper for every situation.